We are a team of physicians and diagnostic professionals having years of experience in medicine. Our goal is to compassionately help people with different pain syndromes and neuropathy. As a team, we specialize in finding the shortest way to reach optimal results in treatment. Using modern ultrasound diagnostic equipment and safe outpatient procedures we target the damaged nerves and relieve the pain. The combination of knowledge, technical skills, and empathy towards our patients are the essential elements of success. This simple formula has proven to be the key for patients’ satisfaction and our team’s best gratuity.

Our skills and expertise in diagnostic ultrasound are going to become an additional asset in management of many clinical situations. We use ultrasound diagnostics more frequently in pinched nerve (entrapment neuropathy) and chronic neuropathic pain; joint instability due to weak ligaments; tendonitis and enthesopathy; pain in knee, hip, sacroiliac joint osteoarthritis, lower back pain and ankle sprain; urological problems – kidney stone, prostatitis, orchialgia, pelvic and perineal pain, varicocele; total screening for swollen legs, cramping, numbness, tingling in toes, burning sensations on bottom of the feet. We also do echocardiography, carotid, abdominal, pelvic, thyroid, breast, skin and soft tissue ultrasound.

Our Specialists

  • Gohar Gevorgyan, MD (supervising physician)

  • Bruce Meyer, MD (supervising Interventional radiologist)

  • Arman Antanyan, Pain Medicine and Vascular sonologist

  • Vlad Melnichenko, Family Nurse Practitioner